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Frutem is an interactive B2B platform that connects both Buyers in South Africa and internationally with a broad Supplier base across the globe in the nut industry. Whatever your requirements, we have a supplier that can meet your specification. You simply specify your product and accreditation expectations upfront, and we will connect you with only those suppliers that qualify.

Processed nuts can be difficult to source effectively, on a consistent basis. The market is geographically diversified, which makes it vulnerable to regional impacts that affect supply: climate change impacts, droughts, earthquakes, diseases, political instability or labour unrest – any factor that either affects the availability or the price (and typically both). For example, the USA is one of the biggest almond and pecan nut producers in the world, whereas Australia and South Africa are the top macadamia nut suppliers. Turkey is known for hazelnuts, Iran for pistachios and Chile for walnuts. Consequently, a severe weather or other events in any region is likely to impact supply and prices in South Africa.

Another factor is price volatility due to changes in fashion and hence demand. For example, macadamia nut prices are currently at an all-time high due to strong demand from China. On the other hand, China is establishing macadamia nut farms at a very fast pace, so prices may start coming down again in the near future.

This is where we can help. Frutem assists Buyers by procuring quick, competitive offers from a broad supply base based on their detailed, specified product requests. It assists Suppliers in reducing marketing spend by increasing their visibility to motivated, targeted Buyers both in South Africa and abroad searching for their specified product ranges.

The platform utilizes a unique match-making algorithm that ensures efficiency, increases productivity and offer peerless convenience – all translating into savings of time and money for both Buyers and Suppliers. Looking for peanut products? The world’s biggest peanut suppliers are registered on Frutem’s platform and you will find suppliers for peanut butter, peanut paste, giant peanuts – all sizes and forms of peanuts. Similarly, the platform also locates qualified Suppliers of raw and in-shell walnuts, roasted and salted almonds or just pine kernels, and many, many more nut products processed into paste, flour, puree – even IQF!

That’s not all: product searches can be refined even further by specifying for only accredited suppliers, i.e. processing factories accredited for HACCP, ISO, BRC, Kosher, Halaal, Organic, etc.

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Frutem helps you find exactly what you are looking for from our network of suppliers and buyers in the processed fruit, vegetable, seed, nut and spice industries. Find out more on our Buyers and Suppliers pages

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Frutem helps you find exactly what you are looking for from our network of Suppliers in the processed fruit, vegetable, seed, nut and spice industries.


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