Vegetable Suppliers, Importers and Exporters to the USA

Frutem is an interactive business-to-business platform that connects both Buyers in the USA and internationally with a broad Supplier base across the globe in the processed fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and spice industries.

The platform utilizes a unique match-making algorithm that ensures efficiency, increases productivity and offer peerless convenience – all translating into savings of time and money for both Buyers and Suppliers.

Frutem assists Suppliers in reducing marketing spend by increasing their visibility to motivated, targeted Buyers searching for their specified product ranges. It assists Buyers by procuring quick, competitive offers from a broad supply base based on their detailed, specified product requests. has one of the widest supplier bases on a global platform for processed vegetables, from cauliflower puree and butternut puree to IQF broccoli and sweet potato. Our Suppliers process air dried and freeze dried vegetables of all kinds as well as vegetable powders and oils. We also have Suppliers for exotic vegetables like yam, okra, molokhia and bamboo shoot. When a Buyer sends in a request form, they will only be connected with qualified Suppliers that have listed those specific products. They typically get a response from up to 5 Suppliers within 24 hours – a great way to save time and money for anyone in the procurement/sourcing fields in the USA.

Suppliers can also be matched on industry accreditations, and the platform is currently undergoing development to rate matched parties in a two-way rating system in order to increase credibility and trustworthiness.

How it works

Frutem helps you find exactly what you are looking for from our network of suppliers and buyers in the processed fruit, vegetable, seed, nut and spice industries whether in the USA or around the globe. Find out more on our Buyers and Suppliers pages

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Frutem helps you find exactly what you are looking for from our network of Suppliers in the processed fruit, vegetable, seed, nut and spice industries.


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