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Frutem is an international platform which operates in the USA that connects Buyers and Suppliers in the processed fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spice industries in a straightforward and easy manner on a global scale.

Our Suppliers are geographically spread out. The Spice world is dominated by India and then Sri Lanka, where most of the world’s spices come from. Madagascar is known for its high-quality vanilla beans and Brazil for their pink and black peppercorns. Egypt is a major supplier of herbs and spices like coriander, cumin, peppermint, fennel, thyme and there are many suppliers in Northern Africa and Europe who produce herbs and spices in various forms.

The platform is free to register and is user-friendly, allowing direct access and communication between qualified Buyers and Suppliers both in the United States and abroad. This platform utilizes an algorithm to match the Buyer with the appropriate Supplier according to their specifications, helping the Buyer to quickly find a broad range of credible sources from which to procure at competitive prices.

Spices can be supplied in many forms, from dehydrated, freeze-dried, IQF, powdered, crushed, air dried, whole, oleoresins, extracts, etc – and then packaged in all sizes to the preference of the Buyer. Buyers can specify on Frutem to be only connected with factories that have certain accreditations and food safety certifications like BRC, HACCP, GMP, ISO, APEDA, as well as specify Non-GMO or Organic products.

Suppliers are verified to ensure credibility, and soon a two-way rating system will be implemented for both Buyers and Suppliers to give ease of mind. Frutem also assists American Suppliers by exposing them to Buyers, instead of Suppliers having to spend money on advertising and marketing to acquire customers.

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Frutem helps you find exactly what you are looking for from our network of suppliers and buyers in the processed fruit, vegetable, seed, nut and spice industries whether in the United States or around the globe. Find out more on our Buyers and Suppliers pages

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Frutem helps you find exactly what you are looking for from our network of Suppliers in the processed fruit, vegetable, seed, nut and spice industries.


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