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Our team has more than 25 years experience in the processed fruit and vegetable industries. Throughout these decades which includes the sourcing, buying and supplying of concentrates, purees, frozen, dried fruit and vegetables, detailed knowledge has been acquired of how the industry works and who the main players in the markets are.

This wealth of experience has led to identifying a need for a central connection platform where buyers and suppliers from the USA and across the globe can connect in an easy, focused and timesaving manner.

We have years of in-depth knowledge in Business Intelligence and software technology and a deep passion to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction.

Frutem is the vision of a team of experts who have created a platform to increase productivity, convenience and to save time for both buyers and suppliers.


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Frutem helps you find exactly what you are looking for from our network of Suppliers in the processed fruit, vegetable, seed, nut and spice industries whether in the USA or around the globe.


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