Sprouted foods are on the Rise

Nov 2, 2020 | Berries, Buyers, Exotic, Frozen, Nuts and spices, Suppliers |

As people become increasingly conscious of the connection between their diets and health, the environment, and animal welfare, more and more are looking for interesting and tasty ways to improve their diets.

Alongside this demand has been a rise in popularity for sprouted food. This versatile category includes a range of options, from sprouted wheat bread to salads containing sprouted lentils and peas, to sprouted nuts.

But how exactly does sprouting work? In short, exposing seeds to moisture and warmth starts the process of gemination in which the organism begins to grow. These sprouts can be collected before their leaves develop, sold as sprouted grains, and eaten whole.

The process isn’t a new one – in fact, its thought their history goes back 5,000 years, when they were used in China for medicinal purposes. Soy sprouts were even given to women after childbirth.

And the Chinese were on to something: research has found that almost all of the nutrients in sprouted grains can be fully available for the body to absorb, and that the sprouting process can lead to higher concentrations of various …Read more

Source: Forbes.com