Powerful women shaping the future of food

Jun 18, 2019 | Buyers, Suppliers |

According to the 2018 Fortune report, only 24 of the 500 most profitable companies in America have female CEOs, a 25% reduction from the 2017 report. Despite this disproportionate representation at the helm of Fortune 500 companies, the impact of women leaders in corporate world is quite remarkable.

This article focuses on highlighting the work of some impressive female leaders in the food industry. The impact of their work extend beyond their local communities  to communities in remote parts of the world. These six women listed in alphabetical order (last name), are leading mission driven organizations, impacting communities and improving lives.

Sharon Cittone,  CCO at Seeds & Chips – Connecting & educating food industry leaders around the globe to create a better food system

Co-founder Seeds & Chips – via Seeds &Chips

Cittone has been an integral part of creating a strong community that brings together innovators from around the world to their hub in Milan, Italy.  According to the company, their events Global Food Innovation Summit brings together over 12,000 food industry leaders from around the world together every year for conversations on tackling issues such as  climate change, food insecurity, waste, water conservation and soil regeneration .  Cittone oversees all of the creative and technical content development for Seeds&Chips, designing a comprehensive platform that unites startups, corporations, investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers and institutions towards a more sustainable future.

Cittone describes her mission “I believe that the future of food is collaborative. I work everyday in creating and strengthening a global food ecosystem that touches on every vertical and giving all the stakeholders the possibility to collaborate together. The food system employs 40% of the global workforce, it touches many different industries from energy to logistics to packaging but its all connected and all I try to do is connect the dots and create opportunities for others. There are so many wonderful projects that could be used in different parts of the globe if only they were known and shared. I see that today the system is still very fragmented and in silos, we all work with the ecosystem we belong to but my feeling is that we need to brake these barriers down and create a global community that wants to use innovation to create a better future for all while also making a profit.”

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Source: Forbes