Interesting facts about the global Spice Industry

Jun 26, 2019 | Buyers, Suppliers |

It is the middle of the year already – amazing how time flies by when you are having fun!

The global Seasonings and Spice market is estimated to have a market value of around USD16.6 Billion.

Seasonings and spices are an integral part of every cuisine. It helps in developing the taste and aroma related with the cuisine. The global seasoning and spices market is segmented by Product Type into Salt and Salt Substitutes, Herbs and Spices.  By Application the market is segmented into Bakery and Confectionery, Soup, Meat and Seafood, Sauce  Salad and Dressing, Savoury Snack, Other Applications.

Salt and salt substitutes and pepper dominates the market, constituting more than 50% of the global market share.

India is by far the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices and spice products in the world and produces more than 50 different spices.

It is the biggest producer of ginger, turmeric, chilli pepper and cumin in the world.

Chili is the major spice occupying about 29% of area under cultivation and contributing about 34% of total spice production in the country.  Turmeric accounts for 14% of production while garlic accounts for 19% production. Although cumin accounts for a smaller value contribution, India still produces 85% of the world’s total production.

Indonesia is the biggest producer of nutmeg (produces 75% of global demand), cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, although Madagascan vanilla is deemed to be of superior quality.

Vietnam is the biggest producer of pepper, followed by India, Brazil and China.

Iran is the world’s biggest producer of Saffron, followed by Spain.

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