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May 29, 2019 | Buyers, Suppliers |

We have just come from the SeedsandChips summit in Milan where we met with interesting people and amazing new agritech startups – the innovation is outstanding!

The global food system needs change as 9.8 Billion people need to be fed by 2050, but how do we deal with climate change, natural disasters, disease, political sanctions – all factors that make it more difficult, when we are trying to feed the world?

The processed fruit, vegetable, seed, nut and spice industries comprise in excess of 400 000 suppliers worldwide and an estimated global annual turnover of more than $460 billion (expanding at 1.5% per annum).This industry is technologically advanced at a scientific, regulatory and manufacturing level, but highly inefficient at inter-business activity, acquiring and marketing. With 25 years of expertise in sourcing and procurement in these industries, the founders of Frutem identified the need for a central, technologically driven, interactive community where Buyers and Suppliers from across the globe can connect in an easy, focused and time saving manner.

Frutem has created a global B2B community that efficiently connects Buyers and Suppliers in this defined industry niche. The user experience provides for ease-of-use, low cost, and transaction speed. That is made possible by a complex proprietary algorithm that calculates the exact technical and specific accreditation requirements of each product search, and then instantaneously matches the request with a number of supply-ready product vendors in a trusted and efficient manner. Active participants rate their experience, leading to a self-regulating communal system that enhances credibility and trust.

Frutem is here to make a difference to the way procurement has been done in the past and to help buyers and suppliers make better choices in the way they conduct business.

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