Drone Startup delivers medicines and groceries to vulnerable people self-isolating due to Coronavirus

Apr 29, 2020 | Berries, Buyers, Exotic, Frozen, Nuts and spices, Suppliers |

Topline: An Irish startup is launching a trial of the world’s first drone delivery service that will transport medicines and groceries to elderly and vulnerable people in self-isolation, in yet another sign that the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating technological solutions that have been years in the making.

  • The drone, developed by drone food delivery startup Manna Aero, will be trialed from next week in the Irish town of Moneygall, transporting essential goods to self-isolating people who need them the most.
  • Manna Aero aims to make 100 trips a day, can carry 4 kilograms of food in one go, and travels up to 50 mph across a 4-mile radius, The Times reported. Its location can be traced on the users’ smartphone, which can alert them when their delivery has arrived.
  • The technology was initially intended to be a takeout delivery service in partnership with food delivery giant Just Eat, but the idea has been shifted to suit the pandemic’s unique circumstances as millions are being advised to stay home across Ireland, particularly the elderly and vulnerable.
  • The trial is part of a deal with a drugmaker that has not been revealed, according to The Times, and will begin on Monday. It has been authorized by the Irish Aviation Authority.

Crucial quote: Manna Aero CEO Bob Healy said in a statement, reported by The Times: “This is targeted at the elderly and the vulnerable; people who have been told to stay inside their homes. What they need is critical food supplies and prescription medication, and that’s what we will deliver.”..Read more…

Source: forbes.com