5 Startups that are changing the way we think about food

Jul 24, 2019 | Apples, Berries, Buyers, Citrus, Exotic, Frozen, Nuts and spices, Suppliers |

The food industry is evolving. Gone are the days where the only way to get groceries was to take a trip to the store and when a burger was only made with beef

As consumers demand more transparent, convenient, and efficient ways to shop for, cook, and eat food, players in the food industry have had to innovate to keep up. And innovating they are. 

From taking the pain points out of grocery shopping to finding sustainable replacements for some of our favorite foods, startups like Instacart and Beyond Meat tell us the industry is anything but stagnant. Whether their mission is to maximize efficiency and convenience for their customers, or to lessen the impact of our food system on the environment, these food startups are shaking up the way we think about food — and the way we eat it, too. 

Even in the food industry trends come and go, but these startups are redefining the ways we think about food, and we think they’ll be doing so for a while. 

Beyond Meat

What they’re doing: bringing plant-based meat substitutes to the masses. 

How they’re doing it: Plant-based eating is becoming increasingly popular for myriad reasons — namely animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and personal health. Today, a plant-based meal doesn’t have to be restricted to tofu and broccoli because brands like Beyond Meat are reinventing the way we eat our proteins. You’ve probably heard of them before as the startup responsible for the vegan burgers that look, feel, and even “bleed” like the real deal.

Instead of remaking another simple veggie burger with grains and beans, Beyond Meat uses a variety of plant-based ingredients to mimic everything about meat, from its taste to its texture and look. You can find Beyond Meat burgers, sausages, and other plant-based meat substitutes at grocery stores like Whole Foods, and whipped up into dishes at popular fast food chains like Del Taco and Carl’s Jr

Beyond Meat recently went public with what could only be called an explosive IPO, signaling that maybe meatless meat is here to stay.

Imperfect Produce

What they’re doing: finding better ways to use produce that would end up going to waste. 

How they’re doing it: Almost 40% of all of the food produced in the US goes uneaten. Food waste is an epidemic, with billions of pounds of fresh produce going to waste annually at every level of the supply chain. Imperfect Produce wants to change that number, so they’re addressing the 20 billion pounds of perfectly good produce that are wasted on American farms each year…Read more…

Source: Business Insider